Working in a women’s clinic that provides termination of pregnancy services, I am part of a team whose mission is to provide care, respect, support and kindness to women who choose to come to us. As part of that team, I also realize that upon leaving our care after their procedure, some women might be in need of additional support.

More Accessible Support

By making post-termination support easier to find and more accessible, I believe that more people might reach for that service and find the help that they are looking for, whether it is days, weeks or years after the procedure.

So I wondered how you would go about finding that kind of service. What would you call it? Emotional help after a termination of pregnancy? Because we’re talking abortion but also loss of early pregnancy like miscarriages or arrested pregnancies.

Once I started researching it, it became clear very quickly that many keywords and combinations were possible all leading to various sites, with different biases. I could imagine how overwhelming it might be for someone looking for that type of help at a vulnerable time. So I decided to create this site.

My goal is to provide simple, useful information, powerful resources and a “safe space to land” should you want us to work together on making things easier for you. I want us to create a space and time that will allow for you to be whatever it is you need to be in that moment, to find ways to breathe better and to help you create well-being strategies according to your pace, strengths, capacity and will. It is compassionate teamwork on the way back to a thriving life and empowerment. Go to Support Right Here for more information on that service.